Irreparable content to you all.

The second blog post in a week. I really do have my exams coming up. I have this thing where each time exams or CATs come up, I have the sudden urge to write my unfinished books (not sure when to be released but I made a cover and shit so stay tuned for that), write something nice for my blog although I don’t know what course I am taking in this blog post extravaganza, watch a lot of anime (cried like a fool after Darling in the Franxx, bruh, that shit makes me  believe that love truly does exist out there #IStillHateIchigo) and read mangas/manhwas/manhuas that are over 100 pages long (the longer the better and it better be shounen, gawd I miss the Breaker).

the breaker

So, I’m writing today, it’s 12.00 a.m. and I’m not sure what this post is about. I’m contemplating whether or not I should talk about the following things:

  1. How I stopped judging a specific ‘type’ of girl that irked me to no end
  2. How I found my first soulmate earlier last month (I even went to a psychic, hehehe)
  3. How I’ve been unsure on whether or not the new information based on soulmates, karmics and twin flames has impacted my version of what it means to be a true soulmate or ultimate soulmate.
  4. The dog and the cardboard boxes.
  5. The #WhatTheFluffChallenge

See? I have a lot to talk about but I don’t feel like talking about anything in that list, very boring stuff except number 4 and 5. If you do want me to write a long ass blog about anything in the top 5, follow my Instagram @wanna_be_3000 and leave a comment with your number of choice, then I’ll write about it and maybe include you in my next blog. Who knows? I may be your platform to fame.


time 1

What I do feel like talking about is this:

I was watching a Netflix comedy special  (one fateful night in my cabin in the middle of The Alps where I conversed with the winter fairy that resided with her horse named… I’m sorry that I’m giving you lousy writing right now, book coming out soon)  and there was this very interesting topic one of the female-lesbian comedian whose name I can’t remember, talked about. No, it wasn’t her racist joke when she scared a white lady in the women’s bathroom (she really does look like a man in a certain light) but it was about the ‘when girls go out, we worry about one thing at the end of the night… will we make it out alive and in one piece’ 

That shit is real. There’s this fear everywhere. I mean hurrah to ‘equality’ and ‘feminism’ but there is always that fear when you get into an Uber, by yourself. When you go to a club with your friends, will they leave you, by yourself. When you are in a den full of puppies, will you make it out of there, by yourself.


It’s a cute yet scary world for women. We’re fragile-ish. Well, some of us. I’m not into fight or flight. I’m more: not care, walk away and wait for karma. If she doesn’t do her job, then she’ll give me a path to do her will. Karma is real y’all.

But yeah, there’s never that feeling of complete safety. Or maybe it’s because I stopped going to church. I need to go back. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Just remembered I have to pray for my soul. Am I the only person that believes that my soul has lived either one life before this one or no lives at all? And yes, I have watched the three part series of The Real Tanacon by Shane Dawson. It was too interesting not to watch and my recommendations showed it to me more more than five times, six or seven is the lucky number and I even subscribed (To be honest, I’ve been really needy in my life right now, I want some drama, that’s all I’m saying. Don’t get it twisted). Please note, I wasn’t even there, I’m busy enjoying winter temperatures right now #Kenya #Africa #SnowlessWinter #StupidHashtags. Ugh. I disgust myself sometimes.


And shout out to the internet for finding Gabbie Hana’s pathological liar. I’ve tried finding him myself, but la people found him first. Piece of shit. Calm down WannaBe.

*Plugs in earphones

*Plays Thru Your Phone by Cardi B.

We need to see this guy. I need to see this guy. We need to remember his face so that we may remember her mistake. I really just want to see his face. Was he that good looking? I mean how??????


I just thought to myself how boring this whole thought process this is. Better stop this now. Edit this blog and publish it. Might delete it though. Might not delete it though.

Special thanks to Jaguar Crisps. I did not know that all crisps bought in stores are vegetarian. I did not.

Goodnight. Follow my Instagram: @wanna_be_3000.

Think of the children.

*loud mourning sounds.






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