This blog post is inspired by the universe and the power of self-awareness.

Irreparable content to you all.

I recently fell in love with checkers. Just a by the way, you know, to tell you how my life’s been going. Oh! And I had this sudden passion of being a psychic. I really want to try it out cause I feel I’d be good at it but I also feel as though, I want to explore some human-universe-like limits … I think.

queen of wands

Back to the story. This is a part of my growing up series so be sure to check it out, read the rest of the stuff I put out. They interrelate in some way. Like right now I’m just about to remind you how superstitious I am and how I had a lovely chat with a psychic. Hell yes I did and it was the best experience ever. It motivates me to be a psychic myself but I didn’t go there to just psych myself up. Hehehehe. I went there because I had an issue and needed some closure. I’ll write a separate blog about that experience and the answers I received per my problem. But I don’t know if I’m ready to share my said problem.

This is a blog meant for light comedy, heavy sarcasm and a deeper meaning. Oh well. Let me think about it and dive into this blog. So after my reading from that amazing psychic who’s Instagram I will link below, for anyone who’d like a reading, I came to a wonderful conclusion.


I am a freaking queen.


Phahahahahahaha. I know some of you are like “WannaBe, what the hell?” but yeah, I am a queen. I already knew this (of course) but when the universe highlighted it, I am on a different playing field right now. Today’s blog goes out to the Queens out there. As a queen, or a ‘queen-in-themaking’, we have wants and needs. We want to be loved. What the hell, everyone wants to be loved. But you see we’re a different kind of breed. We are not the typical princess that sits down in their tower and waits for some kind of prince, let me not say prince, but rather a KNIGHT. To come and save them. We do not have that time and mental capacity.

We know what we want and we go and get it because we are queens. We believe we are entitled to our wants per our royal status. However, back to the story of being loved. Sometimes as queens we are lonely, because we are human. We are a species that cannot live a lonesome life. We need each other. And sometimes, we are blinded by this loneliness. We are fooled by our needs. We are fooled by the knights in front of us. We pray that they mature fast enough to become Kings.

Because only a King for a Queen and we do not deserve less.

These Knights and their armor draped as Kings, their horses brushed and cleaned, their swords and their cups filled to the brim. The queen is convinced she can make a king. But Kings are not made by Queens. Kings are made like the Queens. From a royal decree and a badass crown, forged from stones of strength,bravery and suffering, of course. Is it mean of me to say that this world is full of Knights and the Kings are like really far away from sight?


I’m sorry to all the Knights out there. I do not want to be saved. For I am a Queen. I do not want indecisions in my kingdom because I am a force of reason and I am a Queen. I do not want to be riddled with a lack of self-awareness and disbelief knighted by a sword of insecurities, made from cheap diamond rings. For I am a queen.

Knights, bow to your Queen. Kings, I stand in my kingdom ruling with an iron fist, a heart of stone and a throne built with no remorse.

Who is ready to challenge me?

queen 2


Her Grace, Wanna Be Sage, First of Her Name… blah blah blah. Hahahahaha.

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