I was thinking of an acronym for this before I wrote it but it sounded stupid but cute. So it may be my future cat’s second name. I like that.


Irreparable content to you all and welcome back to another adventure of WannaBe’s weird growing up phases and today’s topic centers around freedom and one of its basic elements is Freedom within Oneself. I like how I’ve written that sentence.

Anyway, before I show you how I proofread my work terribly. Let me tell you instead about this little box I once had. See how I put it in past tense? That’s because I built that freaking box myself and put myself in it. Gawd I hate that self-input box. And to top it all off, it came with these rattling chains that didn’t let me sleep at night, and heaven forbid I get less than eight hours of sleep a night. That is going to be one rough day.


Back to my self-input box and chain story that you dear reader have no idea what I’m saying. Ha! I like having the upper hand, the next thing you’ll know is that I’ll be sitting down, working on an album that depicts the last half year and I’d call it some snarly ass name like ‘The Area of A Cube’ because it’ll be about my box and the title track will be called ‘Boxing Day’. Wow, I’m really writing this at 2 a.m. That’s how liberated I feel.

Yep, I talk about this box in the past tense. Because it happened hours ago when I destroyed it with my superior mental abilities and bravery. That’s another key thing here, bravery. I’ve never considered myself weak in any aspect of the word. But when I was in that box with imaginations that didn’t fit in with the parallel world I keep in my head where I am the ultimate ruler and I keep changing this billboard sign in one of my cities so that my people don’t discover this is a pigment of my imagination… Hmmm… I should stop re-watching Rick and Morty at this point. Back to being in that box, I didn’t like that version of myself. Let’s call her Ashley because Ashley’s astound me with how ‘blonde’ their names and personalities correlate. Yes, so the box brought about cowardice and Ashley. That’ll be the second track from the album, ‘Cashley’.


However, I am the type that’s easily set off by the irregularities I successfully give myself in life. I get angry at myself, mundanely speaking. I can see what I’m not doing to implement 100% happiness rate in my life. And so me being me, I need to confront my issues head on. With a flashy performance of Cashley and Boxing Day, on some highly-rated tv show. Of course you dear reader are not Arianna Grande or me with an upcoming album. So I’ll give you a piece of advice when you put yourself in a box you made, with chains you chained (we both know you can’t make chains) and anger at your helm.


Let it all go. Your pride, your stubbornness, your ability to turn into Ashley and just spill it all out, the contents of the box that is essentially, YOU. It doesn’t matter to anyone else but YOU. YOU’RE important here. Put yourself and your sanity out first, because those are what makes YOU, not a box and a Nick Jonas song. In conclusion, freedom isn’t just about the complicated rights given to you by the state, it’s also about waking up in the morning and not feeling that your heart is a tad bit darker and heavier with the secrets you carry about a box you made with chains you craved. Who else saw that lyric?

Area Of A Cube comes out June 15th.

Freedom is always within your reach. Just be brave.


Wanna Be Sage.



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