Irreparable content to you all. Yes, I’ve decided that this is going to be a greeting now. And it will be the only greeting with no response! Not even the same words can be repeated back. Because I get few comments and you know what?! I’m not ashamed to say that Minion was my last comment. Minion wanted to be mentioned in the blog, he didn’t say if he wanted it known that he wanted me to mention him in my blog. I wonder why though? But noooooooooooo, he’s cool with me laying this all out, sharing receipts, having a stake out etc etc.

The last one made no sense.

time 1

However, the story I’m about to tell makes so much sense in my head. Anyway, so one day dear reader, I was seated down on a plush pleather piece of furniture called a chair (I started it off so nicely, plush, pleather and piece…couldn’t finish it though).  And on this p3 (let’s call the chair that now) I saw it!  As some of you know (those that read this randomly written blog) that I am super superstitious. And when I saw what I saw, I was floored. Was I finally going to transform into a bionic weapon hired out to different militaries for mercenary use?



It’s been a few days and I’ve still been going to the bathroom, so I know I’m as human as they come. What you might be curious to know is, what did I see? What did my poor-vision eyes see on that specific day? Well… the answer is, I saw a person (wait for it). And what did I see around that person? (The point)


I saw a freaking aura around someone. I’m still stunned as I type this. I feel like one of those non-committed alien/big-foot/sasquatch/bionic military grade weapon hired for mercenary use enthusiasts that might leave their quests when they reach the age of 70. No offense to ya’, but human beings, with the right amount of…skill…can do anything. I’m not saying that they’re lying about what they saw. I’m saying some drunk fool left a tavern one night, remembered he could draw as a child, went to the forest and sculpted a prize-worthy footprint on the forest floor because he knew Sammy, the woodcutter, passed by that very path and he knows how gullible Sammy is and also that Sammy slept with his wife… I’ve taken this too far. I just Googled and saw that Bigfoot is also known as a Sasquatch and it’s part of a culture in the art of folklore… I’m sorry Askuwheteau (He who Keeps Watch).

big foot

But yeah, I saw an aura. And I thought, there are people whose personalities shine so much that their aura’s spill out that even my superstitious poor-sighted eyes can see? Of course I didn’t ask my friend seated next to me, she might say I was just being superstitiously blinded. Ha! But according to me, I saw an aura. And it was white and bright. I haven’t seen anyone else’s aura since then but she glowed you guys. And she was such a nice and bubbly person. And I don’t usually get the nice and bubbly types. They stun me to silence with their unnatural positivity. But I believe now.

What you may ask? (Rhetorical question with no logic whatsoever)

That my aura might be a mix of layers. I know for sure I’m not just one color. I’ve seen myself procrastinate and that shit ain’t one color. Remember to follow me on my Instagram! I post random shit there as well.

Stay blinded everybody. Mermaids exist!

BY THE WAY: Who else noticed my title made no sense? Phahahahahahahaha.


Wanna Be Sage.




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