Irreparable content everyone.


That’s how I like to start things. With a semi-consciously made three-worded line that screams normality but when you get past this non-descriptive sentence you forget what you were reading and now you have to go back to the first sentence of this blog and re-read the whole non-descriptive… gawd, why do I sound like a bad chain message?

Anyway, question time!

Am I the only one that’s forced to answer the question of “What are your passions?” with ONE big possibly fake answer that the person who asked won’t even care to listen? They might say something like “What are your true passions out of all of those?” and I’d be forced to answer “Dude, all of them are my passions”. Some of you are curious as to what I usually say.

It’s simple.

“I’m passionate about money”. The end. Mullah. Doh. Cha-ching. Para-bing. Man’s slave driver. The immaterial happiness generator.


I have a new answer now, thanks to thinking about my awesome yet possibly stupid passions. Here’s how my new answers will go.

“I’m passionate about money, (didn’t see that coming, me either) Not the exchange for goods aspect but the exchange for goods and probably get a discount aspect. I’m passionate about anime, the story lines that are out of this world and seriously out of proportion make me happy every single time I sit in my bed and spend hours watching them. I’m passionate about animals, I freaking love animals. I need a pet! But I’m passionate about them in that I want to rescue dogs one day in the future. And of course CATS! When I’m old and have my money, I want to start a shelter just for goldfish. Phahahahahahahaha. Nah, just for cats and dogs and rabbits named Pearl. I’m passionate about writing, because that’s my biggest love, I want to write the craziest shit and hope it becomes an anime and forces me to move to Japan and cosplay 70% of the year. I’m passionate about books, the magic in books is beautiful and better than any unicorn (YES I SAID IT). I want to travel the world with a trunk full of books and my cat named Vanilla. I am passionate about love. Because who the fuck doesn’t want to fall in love before they reach 25? I’m passionate about all and some of my passions (makes no sense but… #money) that they may not just be passions in the future but simply factual evidence of my very own reality.”


Then the person listening to me would freeze and ask me how I’m single. Then I’d finish off suavely by saying, “I’m too passionate for them”

Irreparable content everybody.

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Wanna Be Sage.




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