To whoever actually reads this blog and can relate and can understand my point on nonsensical sense, thank you for returning to irreparable content. Here at WannaBe Inc. we aim to displease and over please. We want to satisfy you in a way no podcast or song can ever accomplish. Not even Tinashe can beat this. #JoyrideComesOutOnApril13th

We want to implant the seed of doubt in your mind so hard, you forget that doubt itself is a word in the dictionary that means something along the lines of “uncertainty”. I shit you not guys, I just Googled the word doubt and there’s a series called Doubt. Let me take five seconds and watch the trailer of this doubtful series.

spongebib time thing


You guys! It’s kind of a cute series, at first it had that How to Get Away with Murder meets Grey’s Anatomy (at the moment I thought that, the producers that made Grey’s Anatomy came in the opening credits) , then there’s that actress who acted in My Super Ex-Girlfriend, or something like that. She was his ex, she had powers, it was doubtful they’d last long.

Right! Today’s blog post centers on doubt. And I am doubtful that I’ll be able to make any sense in this blog post, but I’ll try!

So recently, I’ve been doubtful, about bread, how my sister should style my hair, if I really want to cross that suicidal road. I really don’t want to but I don’t have a choice. That road is freaking scary. Drivers are really scary. And I’m a driver too. But I’m not scary when I drive. I’m ruthless. Ha! Bet you didn’t see that coming. But I’ve been doubtful.


I doubt the less serious things more and the more serious things less. That’s not complicated at all. But when I experience doubt, it’s like I’m back in some kind of pointless relationship that proves to me over and over again, how irresponsible I am. At my age! But yeah, how does one gain responsibility again? Through experience? Maybe I’m lying to myself again. At my age!

But this is my doubt talking. She is indecisive, not scared, hell no she isn’t scared but she is pointless. And when she is pointless, it gets irritating. I am irritated by my very own self. My doubtful self is irritating me. And so I force myself to make a stupid choice. It may not be stupid now but I’ll feel the effects later. It’s the ripple effect, with every action comes a reaction. And so I must get rid of my doubt by portraying, well, not just portraying it but rather confirming it with strength and sheer will power baby.


I have no time for doubtful thoughts in my life and irritated misgivings. I must simply overlook them with grace and splendor. Otherwise known as NOT GIVING A FUCK.

Excuse my French. Cause when you mix grace and splendor with strength and sheer willpower, you get confidence, certainty, a high sense of self-belief and ever growing conviction.

So when in doubt, make it so that your doubts have little to no oxygen in your doubt filled lungs, let them perish and wither away in that drawer you keep in your brain for negative energy tags. Or am I the only one that tags their negative emotions and auras with corresponding color flags (I really do learn things in school) that come with solutions on how to handle them. Came up with this trick in 2018.

I call it… irreparable content.

Stay doubtful of my advice (hahaha) or better yet, create corresponding color flags with their solutions. Here’s an example:

                     ANGER  (purple) Watch Cat Videos on Instagram
                     DOUBT (green) Grace & Splendor x Strength & Will power
                  PEN NOT WORKING IN CLASS                                  (blue) Use a pencil. Yuck.


Irreparable Content everybody.


Wanna Be Sage.

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