White satin dog printed sheets

The title appeals to me on so many levels. Think about it, white satin sheets with dog prints!!! I can see it now, which breed would I want though. My gawd… DECISIONS, DECISIONS. Okay readers of irreparable content, let’s make a list of MY favorite dog breeds and which breed would look good as an illustrated print of tiny dog patterns on my white satin sheets.

Okay, so on to the breeds…


  1. The Husky or the Malamute (different breeds but I feel one category is enough because…I can’t choose between the two of them, okay! I am young and easily conflicted). These dogs take first place on my list because they’re well…adorable. Have you seen the puppies? I’m trying to think of long descriptions to even describe the breed but my mind is stuck on going to my usual Instagram accounts filled with husky puppies and malamute goofiness.
  2. The Corgi. I mean, who didn’t see this one coming? Who are you, that didn’t? How did you not see this? There’s just something about these short legged, long eared, short in width sausage shaped loving companions that are so adorable when they swim. Theirs is a true dog paddle.
  3. Lastly, cause my mind switched to gold satin cat printed sheets! Is the bulldog. Yes, the bulldog. America, British it doesn’t matter to me. They all have that smashed up face that makes me scream like a six year old girl at Easter. Happy Easter everybody!


Now, to the epic momentary writing of this blog, gold satin cat printed patterned sphynx cat/Scottish fold/Persian cats/British short haired/Ragdoll (specifics I’d really like) illustrated sheets. That would be epic. Who else is seeing my vision? These sheets would be reserved for International Cat Day, where I’d be throwing a party… woah…



So let’s talk about human stuff now…




I have this thing when I’m somewhere public, doesn’t matter where; public transport, crowded places, sushi restaurants etc and I find someone staring at me and they aren’t abashed. AT ALL.

They stare like I have become the most interesting aspect of the current moment of their day and I’m not even famous. I mean, I am famous in my self-made parallel universe where I rule as a divine and merciful Queen, keeping the balance of my universe and implementing Mandarin as the intergalactic writing system, while cheese covered crepes take principle point as the typical food in my world.

I’m hungry for crepes now.

Stand By for basic crepe recipe with a fancy photo found on Pinterest:


Back to the staring. So when I catch whoever staring, I will of course stare back. That’s step one of basic poor yet confident human behavior. Then when they persist because there are those people that persist in their staring of the masses, I will stare again and smile with a cute(to me it’s cute) tilt of my head to the right. When I tilt my head to the right it means a few things depending on the situation: step back sir/madam you have entered WannaBe aerospace or ‘Caution’ questions ahead because I understand nothing coming out of their mouth. Now back to my staring battle where I use diplomatic approaches. If they continue to persist to a point where they are putting on sunglasses so as to camouflage their staring because they feel smart and dodgy. I stand and walk away. I’m passive aggressive, what can I say?

This is just a blog to tell people, that I’m still alive. And y’all need to follow me on my Instagram @wanna_be_3000.


DISCALIMER: I fully associate as a crazy cat lady. Cats have this thing you know? Plus who knew Cats domesticated themselves?! Did you see that piece of historically impressive information coming forward in a blog that started with dogs, followed by cats, weird human behavior and ending with the ever obsessed cat lady?

Irreparable content everybody.


Wanna Be Sage.




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