Ladies and gentlemen, I am that girl that ‘cries’ (not literally) for her soulmate at night, talks to no one on the street thinking I’m talking to him and dreams of this guy buying a money gun for her rapper in a strip club experience of a life time. I am that girl. And through the years I’ve always looked for certain qualities in a guy. My failed relationships have been a testament to that.


Hello, to all my short-lived failed relationships/demons from another dimension. Not that my ex’s were demons, my doubts and discomfort were the demons. Wait… so does that make me the devil? Interesting…

Moving on, these fantasies and crazy talks have proven one thing to me day after day on the type of guy I look for. I rarely like writing stuff like this cause it makes me feel like I’m sharing too much sense and less nonsense. Nonsense is easier to share with people that know you and people that don’t know you. It’s not filled with sensible emotions.

So finally I have an answer to the question, “What do you look for in a man?”

Ladies and gentlemen, I can finally say that insanity has borne fruit. Hoorah.

Can someone clap for me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion, so anything said after this disclaimer is not open to criticism. At all. Ha!

So….what do you look for in a man, wannabe? You ask. I look for a TRADITIONAL man with a MODERN mind set. That’s not complicated at all.

As I grew up, the traditional man has always been painted as a STRONG man. It may not all be physical but it is mental. Moving on, he is strong, he does anything for his family, and his wife is his wife alone. He does not share, he does not cheat, and his family comes first. He is not a man who sits at home doing nothing, he is a man who strives for himself because he is a PROUD man and he is CONFIDENT in his choices in life. He is a man’s man, a husband and a father. That’s what they will proudly say at his grave.

But the traditional man has his flaws, he is a chauvinist, that’s the worst part. He cannot see beyond his masculinity and that is his downfall. Thus the MODERN mind set. This man no longer looks at his wife as an object but as his equal. He RESPECTS her and her INDEPENDENCE. He sees her as his EQUAL. He knows that he can go to her when he has doubts or problems, he knows that he can deal with the finances WITH HER. He knows she can HANDLE HERSELF, because not only is she his woman, but she is an amazing woman.

queen 2

That’s it. A man that uses the good in the traditional and neutralizes the bad in the traditional with the good in the modern and vice versa. I know I haven’t covered everything on both the traditional and the modern man but this is just a snippet, to help you, the reader and my soulmate understand. That I am not just a girl, but I am a belligerent girl with hopes and dreams of a guy that I can entrust with my all. Because why should I trust someone with my awesome self when they can’t even be trusted with themselves?

Maybe I’m asking for too much. But it’s what I want Santa!!

Irreparable content every time dear reader.


Wanna Be Sage.



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