Unnecessary elements of confusion

Hello everybody. Been a minute. I need to know something first, am I the only person that gets sleepy after drinking alcohol? Ever since I hit the age of legality in every country in the world (but not every club) I’ve indulged in the bottle but each time I drink, I get super sleepy like where do drunk people get that energy??? All I want to do is sleep till the next day and I wake up pretty healthy.

So does anyone else feel sleepy?!?!?!

Comment down below, I want to know if this is a warning from my ancestors or I’m the next evolution of man in the making. Who knows?

Back to the essence of the title. But what is the essence of the title? It confuses me and I forgot what I was going to write.


1 second

2 seconds


*eureka moment

So last week I was having breakfast at this hotel right and there were these sugar sachets. But then… Instead of pouring said sugar in my tea, I was pouring sugar on the table, with a straight face of course, then when I realized what I had done I did switch hands and pour the sugar in the right place. I was hungry, it was breakfast.

In my head… I was at a Lorde concert singing Supercut then I traveled to join Taylor swift in the reputation tour where I sang well… Everything. Great albums by the way.

I get confused. A lot. I get confused at the worst moments, like when someone drops into a fit of long speech that just drags on and on about their lives, not that I didn’t ask to listen but their communication skills are wanting. Moving on from names I will not mention.

Does anyone have these moments when they meet really good story tellers and as they tell their story, your mind wanders with their words and you’re in that world they’ve created but then you turn into me and now we’re concocting the story to suit our make believe universe so as to please our inner imagination?

I do that a lot.

Who the hell will have the guts to marry me… Next blog. 😂 😂.

I popped open a bottle of wine by myself today. I keep looking at the cork with pity and the wine opener with arrogance. I should really stop giving immaterial objects voices in my head.

I was watching my new favorite show, the handmaid’s tale and I was thinking if whatever happened in that show, happened in my country, I don’t think anybody would care that much till like ten years down the line and schools would be empty and parents wouldn’t be parents since they wouldn’t have anyone to lecture on grades and scream at to bring the remote.

For years in English classes, I used to hate how words like ‘withhold’ had two ‘h’ s’. Can we just have one h in that word English?!?! We already conquered thus and thy, I’m sure we can give up one h.

I finally believe I am weird. I am actually weird. I have beaten humanity in the race for normality. But I’m so confused. Like when did I start the race?? Who was second place?? Who tripped? Hahahaha. Who sabotaged the guy that tripped? Who didn’t use steroids?

I am wannabesage. Weird and confused. It’s 9 pm and I finished writing this a week later.


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