The art of patience


One word.

Fifty meanings, synonyms, antonyms, circle of life, kumbaya etc

As you can tell, I don’t understand the meaning of patience. It is a very crucial yet ignored concept of my life. I prefer being impatient. Maybe because it comes with the disappointment heralded by human beings or as we call him/her… Man. But this isn’t a blog post about disappointment or the philosophical anthropology of man. It’s about patience.

That I do not exude.


Patience to me is this girl that sits next to me in class. Especially before and during exams. She’s telling me to ‘chill’ the teacher is coming because I feel my time is being wasted and I don’t like my time being wasted. It feels as though someone somewhere is plotting something against me, either an assassination or witchcraft, who know really? They’re the ones plotting and I’m the one wearing the rosary and praying ten Glory Be’s #Catholic.

Back to Patience that I think has a D-Cup. I don’t understand how she can be so lucky. Oh wait… Luck and her are besties. (how could I forget!) Have been since the dawn of time. Just ask early man, he’ll tell you exactly what happened to him and oh so glorious fire.

The flames cannot be controlled. That’s the only hint I can give.


She’s also there during exams, telling me to read the instructions, CAREFULLY, don’t look at the questions first, she says, you’ll meet Confidence. Ah yes, Confidence. My right hand man. He looks dashing in purple, but can’t seem to know how to use his cutlery. But nobody cares because he is Confidence. Triffled by no one and seeks no validation from others. That’s his other cousin, you know, Validation. They don’t get along.

Patience. She’s right. Her words carry the wisdom of ages. I have to slow down. Be the tortoise. Feel the tortoise. Move like the tortoise. And when all is well with the tortoise within oneself , you will become one with the moon and the tortoise all over the world will…

Stop Patience.

She got all mystic and stuff on me.

Become the tortoise. Ha!

But I need to be patient. With myself, others and maybe my writing. Because when I’m patient, I have more to give to the people around me, who actually matter, who need me and who will benefit from my patience.

Be the tortoise, readers. At least one of us has to.


Wanna Be SAGE.


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