Having it All

I am such a child. All the time. I throw tantrums, (those help in the coping of disappointment) , I get angry easily when someone just doesn’t stay dead in How To Get Away With Murder (someone is always alive and hiding) ,I take no consideration for the feelings of others when I say the truth (hey, they need the blunt truth sometimes) and I’m greedy

Today, I’ll tell you about my greediness.

*Cue Greedy by Ariana Grande.


I was blessed enough these past two weeks to be offered two outstanding opportunities. Both of drooling magnitude. They were the type of opportunities you give up for no one. I didn’t want to share. I was greedy. I wanted it all.

I believe being greedy from time to time and for the right reasons is a good thing. You can’t be humble forever Kendrick Lamar!!! If you want something, you go out and be the greediest person out there. This is a capitalistic world filled with crazy things, have you seen the penguin that fell on its butt in the icy desert! That’s crazy right there… the noise it makes afterwards… phahahahahaha. If only I could see the faces of its comrades behind him? Her? Err…. Yeah! I did it again… got a problem with that Becky?!

*Plays Lemonade.

That’s when fate came crashing down and the following word was said to me.

“It’s time be an adult and make decisions”.

I had never been put in that situation. Where I’m between a rock and a hard place of Adulting 101. I have to choose between what’s good for me and what’s good for me. I had to face opportunity cost. Shout out to my accounting teacher, I’m schooled!!!

I had to face that startling reality that I couldn’t have it all. That I had to let go. The universe was waiting. A choice had to be made. And it was.

I watched a bunch of papers get ripped and I swallowed my saliva really hard. I told you… drool worthy! I walked out of that building, with conflicted emotions and swinging my bag wildly. It was this cute fringe bag that carries just my wallet and phone. And I had a hat…


It was hot.

I learned on that day. That I can’t be a child all the time.  I can’t have it all. I have to choose. This world was built on choices. And those choices were made by adults. Sure I can keep the tantrums, but the decisions have to be made, no matter how delicious or bitter they can ever be.


Wanna Be Sage.




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