I don’t know.

This post is dedicated to all the ‘I don’t knows’ you’ve experienced in your life dear reader, I hope you can add some in the comments below, since I’m just a representative of those angered by the sheer audacity used by said human individuals in the face of logic.


Let us begin.


  1. Your friend comes to you looking for advice. He’s single and troubled by the two remaining females in his life that are conflicting his judgement on love and not even once has he said he likes any of these girls, yet it’s all too confusing for his little lonesome brain that hopes maybe one of them is the ‘one’ but we all know they’re not the one. So you ask him, what do you want? And he says ‘I don’t know’.
  2. Your boyfriend told you that a certain female outside of your relationship (shout out to all the polyamorous relationships out there) has been hitting on him very blatantly. So he talks to her and gives her the old ‘We’re just friends, I’m loyal to my waif and nothing can come between us’, so the external female comes back and says ‘let’s be friends’. Your boyfriend returns to the nest you two have built over time and explains to you how she wants to be friends and just looks at you. So you ask him, what do you want and he says ‘I don’t know’.
  3. Your girlfriend’s hungry, she’s been groaning about this astronomical feeling for hours now, in between flirting, talking and hugging. She’s starving. You ask her if she wants Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, Indian, even Microwave, because apparently that’s a country in Samantha’s world. You ask her, what do you want, she says ‘I don’t know’ and proceeds to ask ‘Who’s Samantha?’ and you say ‘I don’t know’.
  4. You get home, you unemployed, over 25 year old child still living with his parents hoping that life will take a 180 degree turn and luck will land on your lap, causing a great and impactful change in your life. However at the moment, you’re still relying on your parents and you just got home from wherever, that’s not a place of employment, and you’re hungry. You ask your unhappy mother what’s for dinner, she lightly says ‘I don’t know’ and for real she doesn’t know, because she didn’t cook. She ate out. She didn’t know you were still going to be unemployed tonight as well.
  5. Last but not least, you recently finished How to Get Away With Murder and you’ve been dying for the next season. There’s always someone dying and coming back to life, thus the drama that never ends. The killing spree in that show is heavier than all seven season of Game of Thrones combined. And so the next season comes, you’re excited. Wes comes back to life. What do you say? I. Don’t. Know.


Wanna Be Sage.



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