Memory lane

Read keenly hahahaha


The Kenyan public school system has failed us.

Regardless of the backlash I might get, this is actually true if you think about it.

Lemme take you down memory lane.That moment in class 6 when you come from break then looking at the time table you realize it’s time for math.

Keeping in mind, the homework books were taken yesterday at some weird hour that you just happened to not be in class.

Somebody runs into class,

“Teacher!Teacher!na Akona kiboko”

Everyone rushes to their desks and start rubbing their hands onto the dusty concrete floor, hoping that the dust will suppress the pain they are about to receive.

Everybody knows that it’s a myth of course because the pain becomes unbearable and the dust seems to have disappeared after the first strike.

There’s always that rebel at the back,

“Mimi hawezi ni chapa. Atanichafua.

Na ataniambia kama yeye ni baba…

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