I’ve been experiencing regret lately… okay it was just yesterday…

Dear reader, I return after a short-lived puppy filled vacation. Yes, the puppy days had to end, bliss was put to a standstill and  reality just had to slap me in the face with well… regret. As a member of the human race, I believe in walking through my regrets like a grown adult. That means I talk to myself loudly at night in the hopes that nobody can hear me but then I’m talking to myself in makeshift scenarios where I didn’t do what I did. It was actually 1 a.m. when I was talking to myself and I couldn’t sleep for the next three hours as I beat myself up in endless regret.

blog 6 regrets

In the end, I fell asleep thinking about this old show I used to watch as a kid and how it should’ve ended differently. This feels so deep all of a sudden. Okay let me tone it down a notch.

Today, there was no salt in the house. There was no salt! It was time for lunch (3 p.m.) I was hungry (3.30p.m.) and so I take my self to the kitchen, knowing the clan (what I call my family) had left me (the unemployed and still living at home) food (their pay checks).

I warm my food up, grab a spoon, shut the window (I do not know why) and open the salt jar. There was nothing. It was empty. I blink a couple of times. Did we run out of salt? Did the salt run away? Did sugar finally win??

The possibilities were endless.

So like the lazy slob I am, I shake the little bits of salt from the jar and onto my plate (don’t pretend you don’t do it) and walk away, hoping that the term ‘add salt to taste’ may or may not be applicable in my case.

The day finally draws to a close, the sun wants to go somewhere else and the clan returns. The head of the clan also returns with her bag pretty heavy. Since I’m part of the younger generation, I’m still the new guy, I take everything that was brought to the kitchen with the hopes that there might’ve been a snack, a treat, just something! To lighten up my day (you still do that, I know).

And voila ladies and gentlemen, there’s the salt. In a new fancy looking jar. Why’s the salt so different? Why does the salt look better than me all of a sudden (I should leave the house more often)? Why was the salt taken? Did the salt awaken and finally choose its jar.

Ho ho ho. Sugar’s losing the race of awesomeness.

Apparently, we eat blessed salt (I’m Catholic). For years, I have never known but, we eat blessed salt, hence the fancy jar. The clan head takes our cheap ass salt to church so that it can, not only protect our food but it can be more than just salt. It becomes freaking Sodium.

blog 6 salt

Note: Look at how fancy that picture looks though. #saltedfiercely 

Moral of today’s blog. Regrets are part of life, accept and move on. Don’t beat yourself up like I did. Because the best part of regrets is knowing your dinner has super salt that’s going to wash them all away. So let’s all be Sodium.


Wanna Be Sage in a blessedly salty world.

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