It’s raining cats and dogs

Yesterday was tiring and so I return with more irreparable content featuring myself and my mind. So what do we have to offer you today oh dear reader, well… nothing. Hahahahaha. My best joke of 2018. But I’m serious, my mind is currently producing nothing and I’m hoping something will come up as I type this.

blog 5 brain

Let’s maybe sing a song. I’m thinking that’s a thing. I haven’t seen anyone else try singing in their blogs, oh wait, that’s what music centered blogs are for. Huh. My mind never fails to intrigue me. So I’ve decided ladies and gentlemen. I’m going to talk about my need for pets and current lack of.

I come from a world (lol… yes sarcasm and wit is not earth born) where a cat and dog are considered myths. The people that cohabitate with me are not pleased about the fact that my Instagram is filled with cats and dogs that make me smile in the middle of the night, how I watch The Dodo videos, every morning since I’ve been on holiday and how I’m currently leaning towards a pet snake right now, that I will duly name Constance.

blog 5 kitty

So let me tell you about the breeds I’ve been looking at, for when I leave this un-pet-loving world. For the record, I want both a cat and a dog but I fully identify as a crazy cat lady. Labels. Hehehe. For the cats, I’ve been thinking maybe a Scottish fold, the Russian blue or the Sphynx. They are all adorable and they’d all go well with my naming system. Yes, I have created a naming system for my pets, which I will share in another blog, today’s about me telling you how I feel about not having a pet.

For a dog, I’m clearly being misled by the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan malamute. Get it? Misled? Gawd I need to work on my pun game a bit more. Why? You ask. Because they shed too much and I don’t think I’ll handle it but I feel like I’m lying to myself because I know I can handle the fur, just that I’m lazy and I want a fruit (preferably a kiwi) and they’ve always been my dream dog even after I watched the sleigh movie set in Alaska about a dentist. It ended so nicely though. Big but nice.

blog 5 corgi

So maybe I’m misleading myself in thinking I’m being misled by the breeds. And maybe I am trying too hard right now to make you enjoy my pun a bit more and appreciate my efforts!

The moral of the story is, my neighbors, on either side, have dogs and the dogs have puppies and I spent yesterday staring and playing with the puppies other than writing this blog. Okay? I confess. I’m coming clean now.

Do I feel bad? Hell no.

Will you continue reading this heartfelt puppy filled blog where I will not be sharing the puppy pics because I currently have the belief that ‘if I can’t have one, then no one else can’.

I’m selfish. I know.

*sticks tongue out

*returns to puppy kingdom.


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