The Odyssey of Responsibility

Welcome again dear reader to another sit down where you must keep your sanity at all times. Buckle her in, give her a strait jacket and a juice box just in case she gets thirsty. Let me tell you a tale of responsibility.

Responsibility comes in various shapes and sizes but I will briefly cover one form of this earthly phenomenon. You will understand as the tale takes it’s shape. This type of responsibility is bestowed upon one unknowing individual, during the birth of a second child. The said individual might be younger in this case. They might not know what taxes are and what they can do nor do they know that jaywalking has a law in California.


What they do know is that Dora always wins against Swiper the Fox and Boots has really nice boots, and they might want a pair as well. What they also don’t understand is how Diego knows Dora… Where did they meet? Who said hi to who first? Why did I miss that episode!

*Clears throat*

Sorry about that. Back to our individual.

They are then presented with the new child, bundle of joy as the parents describe it, it is soft, squishy, smells like a rainbow and sunshine got married, then rainbow had an affair with a unicorn and she got pregnant (#telenovela). However, because of the unconditional love sunshine has for rainbow, he wouldn’t leave her and now they will raise that child. The blood of a unicorn and a rainbow and the smell of sunshine.

blog 3 baby

I am brilliant.

As the days wane on, the responsibility doesn’t sink in because the said individual is a child as well, knowledge is constrained, and they don’t like bananas. But, that all changes when the tables are turned. They grow . They are forced to attend …. Dare I say it? School.

And there, they hear the first line that will change their lives forever, “take care of your sister”. It seems easy. The said individual nods, they feel it is an honor to finally be in-charge of the minion. She is bigger than the minion! The said individual is pleased. The minion is appeased as well. She feels safe, secure and the other children are new and scary. The said individual feels alive.

Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end. The minion breaks a glass for the first time, the parents react and attack, “why aren’t you taking care of your sister?”

The minion disappears after school, “Where were you when your sister disappeared? Why can’t you take of your sister?”

The minion starts eating weird things, like candles, match sticks, toothpaste, “Take care of your sister, she’s eating plastic again

The situations change over the years, the responsibility drags on, the burden becomes part of the said individual’s skin. They become a robot attuned to the minion’s mistakes. That is when push comes to shove and they finally come up with a contingency plan, that is, after the parents have taken you down with her. They became something surreal, something only mother nature can understand. They become a being worthy of the trials and tribulations that is responsibility. They become Spartans, soldiers of war.

They become the ultimate first born.


The Wanna Be Sage.

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