The Quizzical Addiction

Hello people of the internet… again. See?? I believe in courtesy and greeting people I am certainly unsure are reading this blog post. I hope I spread the word that freaking golden honey is being written here. Anyway, today’s topic? Song? Tantrum? A glimpse into the abyss? Is about my addiction to quizzes. Yes. I’m talking about those quizzes on Pinterest by Play buzz that have attention drawing thumbnails and for those wondering my power nap was great, I dreamt about nothing, because that’s always good news. Dreaming of nothing…

Moving on, we were… or I was discussing my quizzing addiction. I do the most ridiculous quizzes that may or may not have the following titles:

  1. What’s your Hogwarts house? I’m a Gryffindor for anyone that cares.
  2. Who’s your celebrity husband? Duh, which lucky guy will have the unreachable me
  3. Can we guess if you’re in a relationship? File Error 404
  4. How evil are you? Hehehehe.
  5. Which tattoo should you get based on your zodiac sign?
  6. What should you wear based on your zodiac sign?
  7. Let’s test your personality based on this color scheme
  8. Play buzz quizzes, I have played them all.

blog 2 quizz

<Courtesy of Play Buzz>

Moving on with this story, apart from the Play buzz quizzes provided to me by Pinterest where I pin boards to do with large vegetables, totally logical steampunk clothing, and large frilly wedding dresses (Yo, I’m human and wedding dresses are too pretty to be ignored for one day in your life)…. Wow, my train of thought is questionable.

Apart from taking Play buzz quizzes (repetitive) I also take personality quizzes, I am currently with the knowledge of my MBTI personality type, my Enneagram personality type, my Chinese Zodiac animal , my Moon sign, my Sun Sign and and and… that other thing that I can’t remember.

So yes, I am a freak addicted to labels, learning about them, researching them and literally building my life around them.

Ladies and gentlemen, the hypocrisy hits during that time period when a friend of a friend of a friend that we’re not friends, although occasionally we say hi to each other because remember I am courteous and Victorian era ladies have nothing on me. My manners are downright impeccable to the point where they are questioned by the very humans that cohabitate with me.

Back to reality, she comes over to me with some riddle about life, and since I may or may not be considered a master of advices I give her the following line.

“Society is just riddled with labels my dear”

See that? I just called her my dear to make her feel better and my friend, Guilt, just crept up on me and spelled the following word out, into my ear.



Wanna Be Sage.


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