Introduction to possible madness

Hello creatures of the internet that have stumbled upon this unpleasing to the eye page that yes, I tried to make it look better…. maybe even a bit shinier but sadly, my laziness, the need to eat, and too many buttons caused me to discern those efforts and hope my writing would make you continue reading this blog, wow… this suddenly sounds like the dating  bio of a 26 year old man that’s unsure if any worthy female would read his over 100 words long paragraph of why he’s the best out there and not Chad with a 60% match and 45% enemy but  comes with such a good face #Chadliveson.

Moving on, this was an introduction to the creature of the abyss, that is, me. The writer of this magnificent piece.


<Yes, read what’s in the image>

Fortunately dear reader, I won’t bother you with some random overly emphasized story about one human in the whole world when we (the human species) have so much to worry about, for example, how has no one noticed that animals are getting smarter?

Yesterday, I was bored enough to watch a seal jump onto a boat escaping a family of Orcas, too bad for the killer whales but hooray for the crafty seal and how a baby otter is put on a docked fishing boat by it’s mother as she goes hunting for food so that it ( we ‘the viewers’ are all unsure of the baby’s sex)  doesn’t float away and becomes another member of orphaned otters. I hope I’m raising awareness #SaveOtters #SealsCanThink #FishyBusiness.

blog 1 fish

I amuse myself.

What I have been trying to say? type? indirectly criticize Orcas? whatever… is that this is a few of my random thoughts before I have my power nap. My mind was heading into override and I felt like I had to share. Because who wouldn’t want to be in the sea of thought… get it ‘sea’ of thought… when I’m talking about outsmarted fish that hunt like mermaid ninjas… I need to work on my puns a bit more.

In conclusion, I have shared to you, the reader, about myself, what I am, what I have become and what I hope I will write about in the future. And I don’t mean the fishy aspect. I mean, the subtle lack of repairable content.

As unapologetic as I am…enjoy the picture of a happy otter below.

blog1 otter

That’s how happy I am before I go to sleep.

But why do I feel like the otter is yawning????….


The Wannabe Sage.


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