Small Summary with no importance whatsoever but you so want to read it

Name: WannaBeSage

Age: Rudeness is a weak man’s imitation of strength

Horoscope: That fancy one that’ll be used in the end of time when your old drinking days come back to haunt you… yes Brian I’m talking to you.

Relationship Status: File Error 404

Skills: Sleeping and well… I’m thinking of filling this site with things

Hobbies: Sleeping efficiently.

Favorite Animals: Mosquitoes that don’t bite

Favorite Color: What am I typing???

*Starts talking to self*

Alter Ego: Are you going to answer these question?

Me: Bruh, I am seriously unsure, they’re so complex, it’s like repeating to myself things that make me happy and sad. Like right now I can enjoy sleep but later on I can’t…

Alter Ego: At least try to look motivated, think of how no one is going to read this ten hours after you post this cause you’re a coward that can’t share your  work

Me: You did not just demean my writing skills, I thought we were one fam.

Alter Ego: *sighs* we are one.

Me: *sniffs* You didn’t even say fam at the end.

Alter Ego: fam, there you go.

Me: No! It doesn’t matter anymore you two-faced sea urchin loving pressurizing vegetable killing cat lady.

Let me end this here before my Alter Ego decides I need a psychiatrist named Pepper, to calm my spirit and tame my youth.


The Wanna Be Sage.


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